September 11th – The State of Consulting in Vermont

  • How has consulting evolved in Vermont and where is it headed?
  • What is the financial and political impact of consulting in our region?
  • What is the role of part-time consulting?
  • What is the future of VCN?

The VCN board will facilitate this open-ended dialog to explore the role of consulting in the Vermont economy and where consulting is headed here in Vermont.

October 9th – Team Building Techniques for Successful Consulting Engagements

November 13th – Business Planning and Forecasting for Consultants

December 11th – VCN Holiday party

Future Topics:

  • Collaborating with other consultants – working together on client projects
  • Producing A Quality Deliverable
  • Structured Decision Making or Problem Solving Methodology

If you have a topic you think might be of interest to your fellow consultants, or would like to be a presenter, please contact Carl Lorentson at 802-899-3240 or