November 13th – Business Planning and Forecasting for Consultants

Small consulting firms face unique challenges when forecasting business activity and planning capacity needs.  Keeping a consulting business neither over-subscribed nor under-subscribed is key to profitability in a small consulting practice.  This session will provide specific tips and techniques to better forecast consulting business activity and build strategic planning into a regular monthly cycle. Bring your current practices and ideas around this topic to share best-practices with other Vermont consultants.

Bob Letovsky is a Professor of Business Administration and Accounting at Saint Michael’s College.  He has a PhD from Concordia University and teaches classes on Marketing and Business Strategic Management.

Upcoming Meetings:

December 11th – VCN Holiday party at the Lighthouse Restaurant Colchester

January 8th – A roundtable discussion about building your consulting practice through network and referrals.

Future Topics:

  • Collaborating with other consultants – working together on client projects
  • Producing A Quality Deliverable
  • Structured Decision Making or Problem Solving Methodology

If you have a topic you think might be of interest to your fellow consultants, or would like to be a presenter, please contact Carl Lorentson at 802-899-3240 or